About Us

With years of experience and varying projects under our belt, a Premium Australian Commercial Furniture Business is just one way to describe Clever Commercial Interiors.

We source our furniture from our partners both locally and internationally. We understand that great results aren't possible without a strong relationship with our customers. We're proud to say that our work and the relationships we build, drive repeat and referral business.

We've built a business immersed in successful commercial furniture solutions. Whether you are a large or small corporate organisation, Government department, Education facility or Community group, we can provide the right fit out for you.

You know your business better than we ever can, but together we can work to brighten and improve the functionality of your commercial environment.

If that sounds clever, you're right. We are.

Founder's Guarantee

"It doesn’t end once the piece of furniture is installed, my main priority is that the relationship between your business and Clever is a long and fruitful one.

It stems from the relationship our fantastic sales people will have with you the customer; and then ability to control the manufacturing process with our state of the art machinery and skillful back of house staff."

Brad Byrnes

Founder - Clever Commercial Interiors