Project: City Holdings

The Brief

Working with the client and designer, we were able to come up with a custom design for this one where CCI supplied 424 sit-to-stand electric desks, all including custom spine screens, steel storage, monitor arms, soft wiring, operator seating, boardroom tables and even breakout furniture!

Seating and screen fabrics, laminex colours, powdercoat colours where all specified by the designer and we are able to meet and exceed their expectations with our excellent relationships with our supplying partners.

The Numbers

An important factor in this fitout was being able to set up a prototype pod of the workstations so the client could touch and feel the product prior to committing.

424 Desks
424 Ergonomic Chairs
33 Boardroom/Meeting tables
22 different Soft Seats
515 Steel Storage Units
(including mobile pedestals and tambours)

Customized Desks

The desk in this project was a Transit Electric Desk, it is a white powdercoated leg with a sublime teak laminex top. There are a motor in each leg of the desk and the controller features four height presets. With the desk top we were able to supply custom screens, custom cable trays, soft wiring, dual monitor arms and a bookshelf.

Designer Boardrooms

The boardroom and meeting rooms in this job consisted of a hoop leg system and a five star blade base. Most tables had in desk power and data. Tops were rectangular, round and rectangle with rounded ends. The Boardroom had three cutouts for power and data and also shark nose edging which looked fantastic.

Breakout Furniture

Some outstanding pieces used here, included the skara low back chair, custom booths and some natural timber break out tables.

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