Our Planning Service

There are many different factors that come into play when you are space planning. First and foremost, it’s important that your workspace is designed to be functional for you. One of our representatives at Clever Commercial Interiors can assist you plan your space. We can collaborate with you to determine the strategic requirements of your functional space plan.

After understanding your workplace needs, we think about your design which includes furniture selection. We have wide ranging samples of laminex, fabrics, seating, desk components and brochures that can bring to your workplace so that you can envision what will become your business’ new home.

Planning and designing your workspace is a team effort that requires creativity, attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of your space and work activities. Once we have collaborated together, analysed the possibilities and planned the best approach for your work environment, we will work hard to make your space perfectly functional.

"It’s the job that’s never started that takes longest to finish"

J. R. R. Tolkien